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About CraftyHand

CraftyHand is one of the finest platform that brings the quality Nepali arts and handicrafts from Nepal. Our main goal has been to promote Nepali art, handicraft and culture and to provide the best product online in affordable and reasonable prices to our valued customers.

Nepal is known for its rich culture, art and history throughout the world. Known as a land of diverse cultures, languages, ethnicities and religions, it has to offer amazing variety of hand crafted items. CraftyHand is exporter and whole seller of handicraft products located in Kathmandu, Nepal. Since its inception in 2005, CraftyHand has not only sold products online, it has also done art shows in the United States of America, in conjunction with its sister company, ArtsofNepal.com. Our vision is not only sell products online, but display the products in shows in various corners of the world.

CraftyHand is always striving towards the excellent customer satisfaction and we aspire to the highest standards of online business practice. This includes providing quality products at low prices, fast shipment of orders, good customer communication, and full investigation and rectification of any complaints. CraftyHand practice fair trading thus increasing transparency and respect of the all involved partners.