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How to buy a Pashmina?

pure pashmina shawls

I collect pashminas, other Eastern (and some African) shawls. So, I thought I would write a post that shared by passion for these luxury items and perhaps, give you some insight into buying them.

Pashminas were made popular by the fact that famous Parisian fashion designers started showing them in their collections in the late 1990’s. However, pashminas (and other eastern shawls) have been a part of traditional wear for centuries. They were worn by the ancient kings and queens of India and surrounding countries and are well-documented in the history of these nations. I discovered pashminas by accident. South Africa has hot days and cold nights – and I hated carrying around a jacket, hat, etc. to compensate for changes in temperature. I took one of my mum’s shawls (which she’d bought on a trip to India 29 years before) folded it and shoved it in my handbag and I was hooked. It was the perfect garment – beautiful, soft, easy-to-wear, just warm enough, covered my head in wind or rain and fitted into a handbag. And everyone remembered them. My collection now stands at 165 shawls. Continue reading