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On a recent trip to Tibet we stopped at the renowned cave where Milarepa meditated. Once you cross the Nepal-China friendship bridge at Kodari, and are on the highway to Lhasa, one comes across a small river valley with lush green agriculture at the bottom, with rows of greenhouses. Amidst a series of monasteries and a small village, lies the cave where the beloved singing saint and mystic Milarepa meditated. Historians tell us that Milarepa lived from AD 1052-1135 and is admired for his songs which remain popular in Tibet. It is said that Milarepa was a charismatic and eccentric figure and hence his life, various events, places he visited, teachings and travels are captured and recreated by artists in numerous scrolls, paintings and metal craft. A walk through Patan, Bauddha Stupa area or the lanes in Thamel reveals many artists who have mastered them and continue to recreate them for those who revere Milarepa.

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