About us

Nepal is known for its rich culture, art and history throughout the world. Known as a land of diverse cultures, languages, ethnicities and religions, it has to offer amazing variety of skillfully crafted handmade products from paper to metal. Craftyhand house thousands of handmade products from nationally renowned artists to new upcoming artists and whether it's for antique collection or just a simple gift.

Craftyhand is always striving towards the excellent customer satisfaction and we aspire to the highest standards of customer satisfaction and business practice. Craftyhand provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee by providing elegant and excellent products at low prices and hassle free fast shipments. Craftyhand believes prompt communication is one the most important vehicle for customer satisfaction and Craftyhand family guarantee to adhere by that motto.

What began as a sense of community service between three childhood friends actually born into a socially responsible organization, Craftyhand. Craftyhand's main goal is to not only promote an artist's creation, but to promote the artist itself. We want an artist to get his recognition not only among the artist community, but the entire population. While researching & assessing and to stay within the roots, we discovered this profound sense of helping the artists and community by providing the online platform as well as shows and seminars to showcase their skills both artistically and personally. Craftyhand in conjunction with it's sister company, ArtsofNepal.com has done a month long show in Chicago, USA.

Craftyhand's mission and vision is very simple. It's a socially and naturally responsible organization that strives as a vehicle to provide the arts & crafts and Nepali culture to customers around the world and work towards promoting and elevating the livelihood of it's artists and community.